I'm Tom Divon, a researcher, teacher, and proud father to my Corgi, Alex. My home is the Internet. I explore social media platforms and digital cultures while asking profound questions about content creators, affordances, influencers, authenticity and cultural-memetic practices across the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. For that, I am utilizing my toolkit of qualitative research methods such as multimodal analysis, interviews, observations, ethnography, and more.

In my ongoing work, I study the never-ending cultural frictions between the online world and humanity as I inquire into the two sides: how people use the internet, including creators, lurkers, influencers, and any other agent with interest, as well as how the internet designs, shapes and affects users' behaviors.

I believe that comprehending any online experience requires an understanding of how people, cultures, infrastructures, algorithms, and labor intersect, influence, and shape each other.

Please journey through my world as you scroll ︎